Does Zoom Whitening Hurt?

All of us have probably read about the horrors of Zoom Whitening Procedure. Actually internet is full of blogs, forums and reviews of how bad and painful it is. Let’s not forget however that patients who had a painful experience are more likely to post a review than the happy ones. And also the patients who didn’t feel anything will just write about how they liked the dentist or how they got their teeth whiter, but not about what they felt during the procedure. That said I will bring you some facts about the sensitivity/pain aspect of the Zoom Teeth Whitening.

Majority of the patients (85% – 90% percent) will not feel any discomfort or sensitivity during, after or as a result of the Zoom procedure. 5% to 10% will experience mild sensitivity during and after the procedure which will go away within a day. And only 5% of all the people will have shooting pain and extreme sensitivity during and after the Zoom Teeth Whitening. And even this sensitivity and/or pain will be gone in a day or two. In this case a tablet or two of painkiller medication will reduce the sensitivity to a bearable limit until it goes away.

Patient reading a newspaper while undergoing Zoom Teeth Whitening

Patient reading a newspaper while undergoing Zoom Teeth Whitening at our dental office.

So all in all the Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure while being the safest and least intrusive of all dental treatments is also one of the most painless. Compared to the root canal or tooth extraction it is also the most “pleasurable” dental procedure.

So don’t panic if you’ve read about, or heard horrors and terrible stories about Zoom Teeth Whitening, just make your appointment with us and we will make sure that you have the whitest teeth with minimal, or no sensitivity at all.

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