Whitening For Life

Easy-to-use Zoom Home Whitening

We bring you a very convenient take home whitening kit that combines the effectiveness of Zoom teeth whitening technology with the comfort of your home. While we advise you to come to Zoom Teeth Whitening Los Angeles for regular checkups and advice, you can get whiter teeth for life without having to leave your home for the most part.

Custom Zoom take home whitening kit

We give you a custom made zoom whitening kit that includes a whitening tray and a whitening gel. When you come to us we will take measurements of your teeth and jaw to create a whitening tray that fits you appropriately and comfortably.

Qualification & Fee

We will also examine your teeth and gums for any issues. Only after we ensure that the Zoom Whitening for Life program through the take home whitening kit is suitable for you will we recommend it. Once cleared, you just have to pay a minimal fee of $250 and sign the Whitening for Life Program contract.

After that you just have to follow the instructions and visit us for a check up every 4 months and we will give you a new gel completely free, so you can maintain whiter teeth for life. The Whitening for Life Program is truly a beautiful way of getting a beautiful, whiter, brighter smile from the comfort of your home.

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