Why Zoom Teeth Whitening?

What are the Advantages of using Zoom Whitening?

Zoom has a lot of inherent benefits. If you are looking for a teeth whitening treatment, Zoom Whitening System is your best option for a number of reasons. It’s a very comfortable chair-side treatment that is administered by a certified dental professional at Zoom Teeth Whitening Los Angeles. Furthermore, it’s safe for your teeth and you get long lasting and immediate results with very little fade-back.

How Zoom Whitening compares to other Teeth Whitening Procedures

Zoom teeth whitening has a lot of advantages over other whitening procedures in terms of treatment time, results and durability.

Short Treatment Time and Immediate Results

Zoom teeth whitening is fast. The procedure just takes 45 minutes in a dentist’s office and you’re done. Other options of teeth whitening such as at-home trays like the Crest Whitening Strips or GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device require repeated application of the kit for many days. Another example is of the iWhite Light Activated Teeth Whitening Kit which takes 5 days for you to see the teeth whitening results.

Most Number of Shades

The Zoom whitening system is capable of whitening your teeth to the highest number of shades compared to other light activated systems. For instance, although the manufacturers of the Luster 1 Hour White over-the-counter teeth whitening product claim a comparable treatment time of 60 minutes, it is only good for up to 6 shades. Zoom whitening offers up to 8 shades through its 45 minutes core treatment time.

Long Lasting

Unlike at-home trays such as Crest Teeth Whitening Strips, GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device or iWhite Light Activated Teeth Whitening Kit, the results of Zoom whitening are long lasting. While the teeth whitening will stop when you discontinue using the other systems, you just need the Zoom teeth whitening treatment once.

Due to its advantages over other systems, the Zoom Teeth Whitening System is the #1 dentists recommended and most popular and widely used light activated teeth whitening system across the world.

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