Zoom Technology

Proven Teeth Whitening Technology

Zoom Teeth Whitening has helped beautify the smiles of over 4 million people every year. It uses cutting edge teeth whitening technology through a whitening gel and a bleaching light to bring out the whiter and more beautiful smile of every patient who takes the Zoom treatment.

How Zoom whitening works its wonders

The zoom teeth whitening procedure works through two basic products – the Zoom Whitening Gel and the Zoom Whitening Light. The Zoom whitening treatment is the most widely used light activated whitening system in the world.

Whitening Gel

The Zoom whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide based.  It has a 32% hydrogen peroxide gel in addition to an activator. The gel that is used in the teeth whitening procedure has a 25% concentration of hydrogen peroxide. After the gel is applied on the teeth, it gently sinks into the teeth and disintegrates the teeth’s stains and discoloration.

Whitening Light

The other main element used in the Zoom teeth whitening procedure is the mercury metal halide bleaching light. The wavelength of this violet-colored light is between 350 and 400 nm. When the rays of this light hit the teeth (that already have the gel applied to them) it enhances the function of the gel, accelerating the bleaching process. An in-built infrared filter ensures that minimal heat is generated during the process. The light is administered by what is called a Zoom Advanced Power Lamp.

These two elements combine to fight stains and discoloration on the teeth, resulting in the whiter teeth.

The proper application of the gel and light is only possible by a trained dental professional. While the Zoom technology is inherently the best around, the best way to translate it into whiter teeth and a beautiful smile is by having an experienced dentist use it.

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